Banners Advertising

There are many websites in which you can advertise your company, your services and your products. To choose between these web pages is a very difficult process to manage to get the maximum possible return on your investment (ROI). The choice of the candidate website to advertise is usually done with main factors the website traffic in which you will advertise, the cost, the installation location, the duration and much more.

Every website has different policies for display banner advertising, according to the traffic and the target group. The placing of the advertising banner in an appropriate place in a website with many visitors could increase your ad performance.

Let WeHitch locate the best and most appropriate places in websites from all over the world that will catapult the sales and the name recognition of your Brand to stardom. Either you want to amplify your internet presence, or you want to increase your sales and your website visits, we can create a unique designed Banner that will immediately attract visitors. Thereafter we will study your target group and we will create a campaign that will cover all your expectations.   Below is the methodology used in each ad banner, in order to have successful results.

Methodology Advertising Banner

  • Through a discussion we find your target group
  • We set goals for your campaign
  • We find websites that will advertise you
  • We select the formation of the Banner (gif, flash, jpg)
  • We design the banner with your cooperation
  • We place the Banner in the chosen websites
  • Monitor campaign results