email marketing

One of the most economical and effective ways to attract new customers and visitors to your website is e-mail marketing. Sending email newsletters to thousands of internet users with a single click, you ensure the dissemination of your product or your business activity to a wide audience and you increase your chances to get new customers.

In we undertake all steps of your e-mail marketing campaign, from the design of the newsletter, the compilation of texts will be used to the sending and monitoring the results.


Why e-mail marketing?

Email marketing is a method of marketing that will attract targeted visitors to your website to find out about your services and products. Through e-mail marketing and the proper application to send the e-mail, you can control and be informed about the results of your campaign watching the following information:

  • How many users opened your e-mail
  • How many users clicked on a link inside the newsletter
  • How many of the recipients forward the e-mail
  • The number of users that have been deleted from your list
  • EtcBy studying the above we are able to improve future newsletter to have greater effect.

 The combination of a beautiful newsletter and great services or products could increase your sales and bring you new clients.

More abilities of E-mail Marketing

  • Send notices and information
  • Send news of your company to your customers
  • Inform your customers about special offers, new products and services
  • Maintain contact with your customers to remind them of your products and services

E-mail Marketing Methodology

  • Research and study of the structure the newsletter must have according to the public and the service or product you are promoting.
  • Page development on your website to receive visits from the newsletter
  • Spam control. In this step we check and confirm that your e-mail will not go into spam recipients
  • Send test messages
  • Send newsletters
  • Record the analytical results of the Campaign for a month.