google adwords Campaigns

There are many ways of advertising and promoting a website. Pay per click advertisement is one of the safest and most productive ways of promoting and advertising your website, your services and your products online. PPC advertisements usually consist of a title, description - slogan, contact information and are displayed in search engine results (Google, Bing etc.) and in websites that they have AdSense, when your visitors do quests and visit websites that interest them.

The great advantage of PPC advertisements is that they have the ability to appear in a specific target group and in specific countries. The cost of these advertisements is per click, which means that you are charged every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement.
WeHitch undertakes the design, creation, management, information and support of your campaign to get the best results through your effort. Because we understand that every click costs you and that the target is to beat the competition and attract more future clients, we always reclaim the most of your investment by taking it very serious in order to have an as quickly as possible return of your investment.

Pay per click methodology

  • Market and competition research.
  • We choose the most appropriate key-words.
  • Preparation of targeted advertising slogan.
  • We constantly seek new keywords that have high search and lower costs per click.
  • We study on a daily basis the clicks, how many times your ad is displayed and adjust the cost per click on each keyword individually to improve the results.
  • We monitor the results of your campaign and record the return of your investment.

WeHitch has all the expertise, experience, knowledge and talent it takes to get the best possible results in your PPC ads.