Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website in order to be ranked in the top positions in search engine results. SEO is just as important as the design and construction of a website because, in order to be considered as successful it must be presented in the search results so it will continually attract new visitors. Then with the unique design of the website, we convert visitors of your website to your customers.

In WeHitch we undertake to promote your website in the search engines regardless of the business sector of your company. We are among the most reliable companies undertaking SEO. This claim comes from the results we have accomplished for our clients who are now in the highest positions within the first pages of major search engines. Due to the expertise and experience we have in this area, we are able to offer web promotion services of high quality.

The process of SEO starts from the design stage and construction of your website with on-site SEO. Once completed this process, we study the results and do research on search engine results to ascertain what keywords and which page appears your website. In case you do not have the desired effect with the On-site SEO, it is necessary to implement the second step of SEO which is the Off-site SEO. Below we will mention what each step does.

On-Site SEO Methodology

  • Select keywords.
  • Inserting keywords and descriptions for each inner page.
  • Improve the structure of your website.
  • Improve and written content of your website.
  • Create map (sitemap) of your website and submission to search engines.

Off-site SEO Methodology

  • Create links to your website from websites with high scores from Google and Alexa.
  • Writing and submitting articles to popular sites.
  • Join a Forum about your website.
  • Promoting Site in Social Media.
  • Create a Google AdWords Campaign.
  • Constant update of the content of your website.
  • Etc.

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SEO Advantages

  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Attracting targeted visits to your website.
  • Increase your sales and your customers.
  • Strengthen your brand name.
  • Ability to display ads on your website if the traffic to your website has increased.
  • Pagerank acquisition.

In WeHitch we have extensive experience and deep knowledge in web promotion because we constantly study the algorithms of search engines so we can offer you the best possible results.