web development

On the internet there are many websites but very few of them are successful and fulfill their purpose. Our philosophy is that for a website to be considered as successful it must first be decently represent the view or the company that presents and secondly to continually attracts new visitors which converts them to customers.

In WeHitch our goal is always the web construction which can achieve its purpose, and to offer you exactly what you need for your business.

The websites we build are based on international standards, with perfect design, fast mechanisms and throughout the course of construction site we keep in mind the search engines. We constantly study the algorithms of search engines and adapt our methods so that when the website is completed to will be completely friendly to the search engines. This enables us to constantly have new visitors to your website to get a quick return on your investment.

Responsive Web Design

Since a large percentage of Internet users visit websites that interest of portable electronic devices (Smartphones, Tablets), all websites we build use Responsive Design. That means that we create websites that have the ability to adjust the width and layout depending on the resolution of each screen.

With Responsive Web Design we manage to offer our customers websites that are Mobile Friendly and improve the quality of user navigation.

Specialists in our species, with extensive experience in web design and much enthusiasm for our work we create websites which will be able to meet all your requirements.

Why web development from WeHitch?

  • All websites we produce are of high standard and is based on international standards.
  • We study your Brand to accomplish a successfully correct view of your business.
  • We make sure that there is proper organization of information you want to view.
  • We pay much attention to the website to be easy to use and understandable by the visitor.
  • We highlight landmarks based on your company’s Marketing Plan.
  • All websites we produce are 100 % friendly to the search engines and follow the rules of search engine ranking.
  • We give you the ability to track and record details of your website traffic.
  • We think and act always based on your future client
  • We create the appropriate infrastructure to build websites that can be extended and updated in the future with new functions.
  • We are always there to offer technical and advisory support where you need it. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience in the field to succeed in any effort to expand the internet.

In WeHitch we manufacture from the simplest to the most complex professional websites such as automated e-commerce, dynamic online stores (e-shop), CRM systems with high standards and many other websites which you can see below.

Websites we develop:

corporate website design

Presentation Websites

The websites presentation are designed to modern and contemporary presentation of your company through a dynamic website that allows visitors to see a complete profile of your company, be informed of new services in your company, learn your company’s news and communicate with you.


eshop design


All online stores (e-shop) we manufacture are fully dynamic and have the ability to adapt to every requirement of business whether it is operating or is conjectural. The e-shop we manufacture combine ease of use, functionality and unique design with the purpose of your site visitors to become your customers and be able to make the purchases easily and pleasantly.


blog creation


Do you like to write articles and share your ideas and opinions with the whole world? Then we can build you a dynamic blog that is uniquely designed and offer a wide range of opportunities to its guests and you, the administrator, like easy submission of articles, commentary articles, online social media, advanced articles, Login via Facebook and much more…


news site design

Portals and News Websites

In WeHitch we undertake the construction of highly standard information sites - portals. If you want to create a website either primary news or republication news that has multiple categories for listing news, articles and ads, contact us to make you a proposal and discuss your idea.


social network development

Social Networks

The social network websites we build enable users to have their own profile to upload photos and videos to acquire online friends, make posts and comment on other posts, create groups and events and share them with their friends and many other functions.


e-learning website creation

E-Learning Websites

The e-Learning websites give you the ability to create online courses and seminars or to sell them online whether to provide them to your students or to your employees. Through a web e-Learning, students will be able to attend online classes and be tested on them through online tests in which the scoring is done automatically. We build web e-Learning of all types and levels of difficulty.


online directorie website creation

Online Directories

An online directory is usually a website where you business listings every business - agency to be registered itself either free of charge or at a cost to advertise. Visitors to the website can then use the website to find the company that they want either through the advanced search form or through the category of interest. If you want to create an online business directory or other kind, WeHitch can successfully undertake the design and implementation of your online catalog.


forum development


Forum is a place within a website where users can make discussions, exchange ideas and material in order to create an entire community. Such advice does not need original content to start, it just needs a theme and some users to maintain and manage it.


real estate website creation

Websites for Real Estate Offices

We undertake the construction site of your Agency so you can post the properties you have for sale on your website. This way you can attract new potential buyers from the search results on search engines. Some of the features a real estate website must have is easy and fast registration of real estate, the composite property search according to region, type etc.


hotel website design

Websites for Hotels

WeHitch can undertake the construction of dynamic website for your hotel. The hotel websites we build give you the opportunity to present all the services and areas of your hotel, you can offer online room bookings to your website visitors, they can order from the room-service, and much more in a uniquely designed website that will convert interested in your customers.


dating website design

Dating Websites

If you want to create a high standard dating website then WeHitch can undertake the construction and design of your website. Get a website that will provide online dating and match making and give users the ability to seek out and meet new people.


ads website design

Websites with Ads

Get your own website online ads. The ads websites we build are fully dynamic and enable visitors to add their own ads and find ads that interest them through a search engine with multiple fields.


video streaming website design

Video Streaming Websites

Do you want to create your own website that allows visitors to upload their own videos? WeHitch can construct your website exactly as you can imagine. Video Streaming Websites we manufacture are fully dynamic have many functions such as: Video Upload, Flash & HTML5 Video Player, Groups, Channels and much more.


deals website design

Websites with Deals

Do you want to start your own website with offers? In WeHitch we build websites like "Groupon" which is fully dynamic, uniquely designed and offer all the features you've come across a web deals. Also we promote them on Google to continually attract new customers who are looking for deals.


online ordering website design

Online Ordering Websites

We design highly standard online ordering websites. Does your business receive orders? Then WeHitch can 100% automate this process by dynamic construction of your website. For more information please contact us and we will find the best solution for your business.